Sex Communication

About me

I’m a sexologist, sex coach, educator and advocat of positive sexuality trained at University of Social Science and Humanities in Warsaw (clinical sexology) and Sex Coach U – an international organization on sex coaching founded by dr Patti Britton and dr Robert Dunlap. Member of World Association of Sex Coaches. I graduated in gender studies at Polish Academy of Sciences. I conduct workshops and I have my private practice (for indindividuals and couples).

About sex coaching

Sex coaching is a direct and transformational pathway to sexual wellness. It guarantees personalized sexuality information and education. The process is collaborative, non-patolgizing and result-oriented. Unlike psychotherapy, coaching often requires a shorter amount of time.

My aim is to empower my clients and make them take charge of their sexuality. I help them to reconnect with their sexuality and to discover their whole sexual potential. I work with my clients on sexual inhibitons, desire discrepancy, orgasm challenges, body image, erection and ejaculation difficulties and more. I help my clients to improve their sexual skills and their communication skills.


What can you expect:

  • I use talk only method.
  • I guarantee a confidentiality and safe space for all my clients.
  • A session lasts 50 minutes (individuals) or 60 minutes (couples)
  • When I work virtually with my clients, I do it by Skype.
  • I expect all my clients to pay in advance for booked sessions.

About positive sexuality

Sexuality is an important part of being human, because all human beings are sexual beings. It is about who we are, what we feel, what we want rather then what we do. In the ideal world what we do fits the rest: what we want, what we feel, who we are. And I work to make the world the ideal world. I believe we all deserve to express our sexuality in the most satisfying and pleasurable way. All outlets of sexuality are healthy and natural, as long as they are consensual and between adults.

Please contact me for pricing and payment details if you want to pay in euros or US dollars.

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